storm is a web based user story tool. As such it allows the access of user stories from every machine in your intranet or even via internet. Remote customers can learn about the status by using this interface. No client installation is necessary.


In storm every user has his own account. After the user logs into the system he will be at the same place as when he left the system.
You can learn what all the other users are doing by simply clicking their name.
The login feature is also used to keep unauthorized people from seeing what they are not supposed to see. For example one customer can not see the stories of another project.

Project view: See how releases are managed

storm can manage releases for you. You can add stories to a release and you can remove stories from a release with a few mouse clicks only. User stories in a release can be sorted by risk or value or by date of change. storm tells you the owner of a story so if there are unfinished stories left you know who might be in need of help. For every release storm can tell you how much of risk and value is already done and also how much this differs from the estimate.

Story view: See the tools, the file upload, and the version history

Remote files can be linked from a user story. Also you can upload files from your computer so every other user can download them right from the story view.

storm offers the possibility to link user stories from every web system like Bugzilla or ViewCVS. For every story storm can copy a link to your clipboard and you can paste it into another document like a bug report or a CVS commit message.

storm offers version control for user stories. Every change to a story is logged and you always know who is liable. storm also offers the possibility of accessing and comparing old versions. You can even revive an old version so it gets on top of the version stack.

User Details

User stories can be owned. A programmer can keep a story as long as he is working and the story cannot be changed until the programmer either gives the story away or finishes it.

Pair Programming Features

storm supports pair programming by offering a unique CoPilot functionality. Two persons can log in using the same interface. They can see and edit all the stories they own. They can swap seats with just one mouse click.

storm can save and load the complete database to and from XML. This allows for easy backup of all the data and for exchange of data with other tools.

- Release 1.0 (including Orion 1.5.2, for non-commercial use only!)
- Daily CVS tarball

browse the CVS tree

storm is in need of testers and developers. Both should be using XP as their methodology and should be willing to improve storm. Improving might not include adding masses of features but making storm as easy to use as possible.

storm is hosted at Please visit the project page.

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